Our Clients

Making Lives Easier.

Our clients are Surgical Assistants, Anesthesiologists, Emergency Medicine Providers, and other outsourced medical providers. We specialize in solutions for practices providing services to surgeons and other medical professionals. These practice types have very specific needs that simply are not addressed by other practice management solutions. From unique insurance processing work-flows, to complex scheduling, we understand the intricacies involved and where value is added to our clients by utilizing SurgicalCloud. Our platform is scalable; Our clients range from practices with over 250 members to individual providers.

We are based in Houston, Texas and are proud to work with our clients to understand their specific needs. For those practices that would prefer to outsource their insurance claims, we also offer concierge services.


“I work as a consultant for an independent practice. We were offered the opportunity to grow exponentially with a new contract. I realized we did not have the efficiency or the infrastructure for such rapid growth. That’s where SurgicalCloud came in. We met at a conference and I was intrigued by their product. Working with their development team we were able to implement and customize their product to allow us to handle a 300% increase in volume.

At the same time we brought our billing in house, which allows us to generate more detailed and relevant reports on the fly. We can now measure productivity in a myriad of ways that was not possible before.
We have a great working relationship with the development team at SurgicalCloud. As we identify tweaks to make our process better, they respond with modifications that address our concerns. I could not ask for more from a SAAS provider.

Volume has increased, efficiency has increased, cash flow has improved and reporting is more robust all as a result of implementing SurgicalCloud in our practice. We think of them as our partners in business. ”
Lawrence Smith – CFO

The client service and personal attention we receive from SurgicalCloud is exceptional. Furthermore, their knowledge of billing requirements for utilizing various clearinghouses and direct connections to payers is exemplary. After patiently going through and allowing us to tweak and ultimately customizing this software for our billing needs, they could not have been more courteous while assisting us in every aspect. More importantly, they were swift in response to all inquiries and never left any question I had unanswered, no matter how minute. The results were always beyond satisfactory because they always provided a detailed answer as to where the resolution derived and all avenues they pursued to create such. Regardless of any requests, their efficiency and experience saved us thousands of dollars compared to our old, outdated software. We could not have asked for a better system nor team to guide us through this process nor could we have received any more support from another company. I would highly recommend this cloud software to anyone, they do whatever it takes to get the job done, working non-stop around the clock.
— Katherine H., Outsourced Medical Providers Billing Specialist

With such a busy schedule, SurgicalCloud is very convenient. I do not have access to a computer most of the day and it is nice to access all of the information from either my phone or an ipad. I can do scheduling, billing, and even access the schedule to see which one of my coworkers may be available to help out. A real timesaver.
— Timi R., Surgical Assistant

SurgicalCloud Practice Management software has made my transition into the medical billing industry a very smooth and successful experience. The ease of being able to search for surgeries from several surgical assistants, enter insurance information, and quickly submit a claim, has allowed me to maximize my time spent in the office This software also provides useful tools that allow me to view the status of every electronic claim and generate reports that are crucial to helping me manage the entire billing process. The support staff at SurgicalCloud are readily available and easy to work with.”
— Eugenia

My company has been using SurgicalCloud for about a year, it is a straightforward and easy program for my employees to operate. SCPM has allowed us to minimize the time and number of staff it takes to carry out office tasks. Along with saving the company money, it has allowed my employees to function with the latest technology to keep us working as a team. As the owner of my company I would strongly recommend surgical cloud to any physician or allied health care provider group.
— Karley C., Owner – MBM Surgical