Insurance Claims

Eliminate Third Party Processing Fees.

You worked hard to earn your money. Keep more of it by using software that expedites and simplifies Outsourced Medical Provider billing and insurance claim processing. SurgicalCloud does all the work for you.

  • Catch filing errors quickly – correct them before filing a claim
  • Track the status of a claim with real time updates
  • Electronically collect detailed information about accepted claims
  • Easily correct and resubmit a claim in the event of a denial
  • Maintain Proposals
  • Appeals Management

Because SurgicalCloud automatically checks your work and tracks every claim, you get paid faster and can spend more time focusing on your business. It’s time to take your work-flow to the next level.

Visit the Billing Feature List of Outsourced Medical Providers, Anesthesia, and Surgical Assistants

Complete Revenue Cycle Management

Get Paid.

Electronically process insurance claims through SurgicalCloud and take your billing into your own hands.

  • Get Paid Faster
  • Revenue Cycle GraphView Claim and Appeal Status
  • Track Expected and Actual Payments
  • Maintain Proposals
  • Streamline Revenue Workflow
  • Customize and Generate Reports

SurgicalCloud leverages the technology of today to give you the tools to increase the amount you are receiving and the speed in which you receive payments. Our platform submits claims electronically, has a built in fax system for attachments (i.e. operative reports for example) for those payers that won’t accept them electronically, automates your appeals process with customizable templates, and much more.

If preferred, use our concierge service and our team will take care of all your insurance claims while giving you access to view the entire process.

Robust Scheduler

Fast. Intuitive. Reliable.

SurgicalCloud dramatically simplifies scheduling. Whether you are managing your own schedule, or scheduling hundreds of surgical assistants, anesthesiologists, or other outsourced medical providers, the Scheduler makes it fast and easy.

  • Keep track of scheduled surgeries and office appointments
  • Seamlessly sync schedules with your providers’ mobile devices automatically
  • Manage schedules by facility and instantly filter available providers based on their credentials
  • Eliminate confusion with automatic email alerts, a real-time schedule portal, and vacation date tracking
  • Utilize your own custom schedule request portal to allow facilities and/or surgeons to request providers and share preliminary information (i.e. patient demographics, documents, etc.)
  • Access to SchedulePerfect for all your staff scheduling needs

Electronic Records

A Customized Solution.

Today’s generic EHR/EMR systems try to be all things to all medical practices and personnel.

SurgicalCloud is different. Our team developed a completely customizable solution specifically for Outsourced Medical Providers, Anesthesia practices, and Surgical Assistants.

  • Create your own reusable charts
  • Securely communicate facesheets, Operative reports, and other surgery data with providers
  • Eliminate delays and unnecessary paperwork which gets you paid faster
  • Electronically connect to hospital systems and download data directly into your work-flow


Take Control.

Fully integrated with otherSurgicalCloud modules, this tool allows you to:

  • Quickly identify and schedule the right people with the necessary credentials for a facility
  • Easily track credential and license expiration dates and update them as needed
  • Electronically forward your credentials along with any necessary paperwork to new facilities and surgeons


One Touch Control.

Gain access to the data you need whenever and wherever you need it. SurgicalCloud makes it very easy for administrators to manage their team and their internal permissions.

  • Quickly add/remove module access for any user
  • Track productivity reports for your billing team to increase transparency
  • Set specific locations and times in which users may view practice data
  • Always stay secure with easily generated audit reports for any practice user

Optimized for Mobile Devices

Access on Mobile DevicesAccess Anywhere.

SurgicalCloud works great on tablets, desktops, notebooks, and smartphones. While powerful, SurgicalCloud is lightning fast, easy to use, and very reliable.

Whether you are in a surgery, at your office, or on the go, your practice data and reports are just a click away.

Robust Security

Protecting you. Protecting your clients.

HIPAA Compliant

SurgicalCloud helps you stay in compliance with HIPAA:

  • Encryption: All SurgicalCloud pages employ high-grade encryption (AES-256, 256 bit keys)
  • Secured Access: Security is our top priority – our development team has implemented a magnitude of security precautions to ensure your data is always secure
  • Delegated Access Levels: SurgicalCloud gives you the power to only let users see what you want them to see
  • User Time Management: specify when, where, and how any of your users may log in and view practice data

24-Hour Support

We Are Here for You.

We provide online and telephone support 24-hours a day, 7 days a week via our United States based support team. Additionally, reliability of our systems is a priority. Eliminate downtime with SurgicalCloud, which is guaranteed to be up and running 99.9% of the time.