SurgicalCloud does it all.

SurgicalCloud allows you to optimize your workflow by facilitating seamless data integration throughout the entire life cycle of a case or encounter.  Your team can easily coordinate with multiple surgeons and facilities while using powerful tools to increase cash flow and reduce overhead.

  • Robust scheduler: Simplify scheduling with a real-time scheduling portal and customized alerts that sync with all mobile devices.
  • Billing and insurance claims: Track claim status, catch errors, eliminate third-party billing fees and get paid faster.
  • Electronic records (EHR/EMR): Create and customize your own reusable charts and securely share surgery documents and data with providers.
  • Credentialing: Track credential and license expirations and securely share your credentials with surgeons and facilities electronically.
  • Access controls: Always have full control of all user permissions and the ability to securely manage your data.

Practice Management

SurgicalCloud covers your entire Anesthesia Practice workflow from scheduling cases, tracking time and surgery data, all the way through processing insurance claims.


Our Anesthesia scheduling system takes care of all your scheduling needs, from scheduling your Anesthesia providers to the correct shifts, appointing the correct providers to surgeries and facilities, and ensuring all encounters are easily tracked all the way through the insurance billing process.

Case Time Tracking

Precise minute tracking from the start of an intravenous line, pre-anesthesia sedation, or the anesthesiologist physically begins to prepare the patient for anesthesia, all the way through sending the patient to PACU. Your anesthesiologists can easily track and enter their case minutes directly from their mobile devices which will automatically sync with your practice administrators in real-time.  Does your hospital or surgery center already track this data in an existing EHR system?  No problem – SurgicalCloud easily imports this data from most external sources into your billing workflow.


Keep track of all your Anesthesiologists’ credentials and important documents with SurgicalCloud and easily identify which providers are credentialed at certain facilities when scheduling cases.

Electronic Health Records

Use SurgicalCloud to quickly create custom charts and templates for your providers.  With our user friendly interface, easily attach operative reports to scheduled cases with any mobile device, keep track of patient data, and import any necessary hospital records.


Anesthesia billing can be a complex task if you aren’t using the right tools for the job. SurgicalCloud was built specifically for the workflow of Anesthesia practices and makes what was a complex task, into an easy, error-free task.

Insurance Claims

Connect with all the anesthesia insurance payers across the entire country electronically, including workers’ compensation payers. Catch insurance claim errors real-time, receive electronic remittance advice, and utilize our powerful claims engine for all your anesthesia insurance claim needs.

Reports and Analytics

SurgicalCloud allows you to generate your own custom reports and analytics. Filter data within your Anesthesia reports and our powerful reporting engine automatically analyzes the data and displays the results real-time. Easily export reports, and have direct access to your entire practice database.

With SurgicalCloud, your entire practice workflow is integrated in one system. No more errors transferring your practice data between systems. No more missing records, slow collections, or unnecessary billing overhead.

Work smarter, not harder, with SurgicalCloud for Anesthesia.